How We Work

We have been installing and repairing roofs as specialists for over 40 years,

Who uses our services

We provide roofing services for developers, architects, government bodies, commercial organisations and building contractors. We also carry out installation and repair work for the entire range of domestic houses, from new builds to 18th century listed buildings.

Our distinguishing features

Our key goal is provision of full satisfaction to our clients. We use the most appropriate building materials for the job and take great care that it is installed correctly. Our experience allows us to identify in advance most type of problems that may be encountered. This allows our clients to decide before the work starts in almost all cases how they want to resolve problems. The result is that our work is generally completed on time and within budget, to the highest standard of workmanship possible.


Below is an example of a job in Old Windsor

The client had a large flat roof which had a parapet wall around the perimeter. The roof had sever ponding due to the 'warped' timber decking.  I suggested this was due to the fact the roof had no ventilation within the roof space. I gave the client two options, if we changed the roof to a 'warm roof' by removing existing insulation from the roof space and installed new 120mm thick insulation boards on top of the new decking, the roof would not need ventilation. If she chose option two a 'cold roof', we would have to ventilate the roof space. the client chose option two and asked if we could improve the falls.


The first task was to take down the parapet wall down to below the roof substrate. Then we stripped off the felt and timber decking to expose roof joists. Each sheet of plywood removed had evidence of moisture to the underside. We fixed timber counter battens to joists to create cross-flow ventilation within the roof space. additional tilt fillets were fixed to counter battens to improve the roof drainage.


We then had three separate open gutter details to allow the rainwater to free flow into half round gutter. Rosewood upvc fascia and vented soffit was fitted to match the windows , together with brown gutter and rainwater pipes. The new high performance felt roof system was then laid with a brown mineral cap sheet to match the fascias and brickwork. The client was delighted to receive a well ventilated flat roof with no more standing water.

Old Windsor

Old Windsor